2 Jun 2011, 10:59am

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Wandering pets

I was talking to a good friend recently about his dog and the story he told me i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He lives in a rural area with his property surrounded by similar farms. His dog is allowed to roam around the fields but it was in the recent weeks before the conversation that his dog, Jim,¬† had been not returning when called. Due to the size of the property this would often take¬† five minutes for him to return but more recently he was not coming back until an hour later. My friend decided to put a GPS tracker on him and with the help of some computer software (hes a computer geek) we watched where Jim was going. The first thing to note was the distance he covered I would imagine following the scent of rabbits. Over a few days of watching it became apparent that it was the neighbours house that was proving the temptation. With a bit more digging and discussion with the neighbour we worked out he had been digging where they had an old family pet buried! WE solved the problem with a swift telling off and put some slabs over the area. Luckily JIm would always come home but many pets may well get carried away and become lost. A lost cat or dog can be highly distressful for an owner and is certainly best avoided. It did get me thinking of the benefits of GPS and if every pet had one found cats and dogs would certainly be more easily attained