3 May 2011, 3:06pm

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How to build an effective team

We hear this all the time, it takes teamwork to be successful.
This is actually easier said than done, teamwork involves people and people have all kind of different personalities. To have a good team, there must be a good leader.

The leader is setting the tone because no one wants to follow a weak or confused team leader. He or she must be willing to understand the different types of personalities and their gifts to bring it all together into a workable and highly motivated team or unit.

The leader must give clear and precise action plans and effectively weed out the negative team members that can bring confusion and discord to the group.

The leader should also make sure that true and well-placed praise and awards are given constantly to keep the morale of the team at an all time high.

Weekly reviews of activities and meetings are necessary to tweak the direction of the team and to give the praise where praise is due. A great team building kit will include clear instructions and direction to all of the above, include action plans to working goals, and keep track of achievements. Team building looks easy but is hard work and it is a constant activity like a beautiful garden; it is necessary to remove non-productive branches so the rest of the garden can reach its full potential.