27 Apr 2011, 7:45pm

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Team Politics

Who constitutes team building? Going down the pub, going for a meal, team challenge day? Of course the the different way that teams bond can all be included in broad spectrum of what team building actually is. The difference between the different methods is what the organiser wants to achieve. If they are looking for non structured socialising then going down the pub is ideal,  giving people the option when they arrive, leave and what they discuss. Going for a team meal is a little more structured with a little more pressure on timings and overall etiquette. A team challenge day is different from the other two because certain tasks need to be participated in and certain results achieved. Depending on whether the desired outcomes are achieved or not then brings a whole new set of observations to be made on the team dynamics. This can be one of bonding or separation.

The costs of the different types of team  building can of course cost the organiser varied amounts of money. Down the pub pretty cheap,  buying a round to start of the evening off. A meal can be very costly unless people pay for themselves which can cause a negative effect through the team. Organising activities can be very costly unless a few items of team building equipment,  such as blindfolds are bought and then they are facilitated in within house. What ever the event the overall effect can be fantastic or disastrous  on teams around the world,  a resource that all bosses should not underestimate.